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Name Bunnelle
Age Unknown
Height 12"
Build Stuffed?
Species Stuffed Animal
Pronouns It/Its
Orient. N/A
Taken? To Church, For Exorcism
Creator @/fisticuffs
Worth nfts

A. Well. It's a stuffed rabbit???

  • Blue head, purple body.
  • Eyes are shiny patches that are (usually) flush to the surface, rather than bulging.
  • Long spike-clawed paws.
  • Can have reverse-colored toepads.
  • Ruff does not come off.
  • Literally full of bugs.
  • Rabbit nose, human grin.
  • No rabbit tail.
  • Ears flop rather than sticking upright.



Where did it come from? A very good question.

It certainly wasn't sold in any normal toy store.


  • Moves by itself sometimes.
  • Haunted?? Full of bugs???
  • Despite being a stuffed animal, it doesn't seem to have any stitches...
  • It is currently unclear whether the mouth opens.
  • Centipedes occasionally emerge from within its body, although it doesn't appear to have any gaps or holes anywhere.
  • Does not speak.
  • Was almost an eyestrain OC.

  • Darkness
  • Bugs
  • The color yellow
  • Hissing
  • Rolling in dust

  • Dampness
  • Poison
  • Rats
  • Being shaken like a rabbit
  • Washing machines

Fears (minor)

Can it have a fear?

Fears (major)

Isn't it too fearful, itself, for that?

Skills (& hobbies)

General inadvertent bad vibes.

Notes (m e t a)

haunted?? full of bugs??? im too scared to check

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